Jan 10

AG Position of Greatest Importance.

If the last eight years have taught us anything, it would be an independent Attorney Ge

neral dedicated to upholding the laws of the land and protecting the Constitution is arguably the most important cabinet position there is. If you were paying attention 8 years ago when then AG Eric Holder,refused to prosecute Black Panthers for blatant voter intimidation laws in Philadelphia. The tone was set and the war on the rule of law in the country was on. Slow walking evidence on the Fast and Furious investigation along with failing to uphold the law in regards to immigration, the last two Attorney’s General have acted more as Social Warriors than the head of Law Enforcement for the United States. Keep in mind, Holder was held in contempt by the congress. Holders primary job was to

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keep congress from obstructing the Obama Administrations Liberal agenda dealing with Law enforcement and immigration although with mixed results. Picking and choosing what laws to uphold along with rewriting laws without congress, was Obama’s modes operand i . Loretta Lynch on the other hand had a much simpler gig. Her job was to keep the Clintons out of Jail pure and simple. You can see how easy it is for a nation to slip into Banana Republic status with the right people in charge of law enforcement. So any AG appointed that will enforce the laws of the land will be viewed by the left as Right Winged Activist. Well to my friends on the left, you better hope the new Attorney General will follow the law to the letter and not try to re-write laws. Other wise you might have a President Trump arresting aging actresses for wearing sequins on the red carpet before the sun goes down.

Nov 14

Base Line Budget Needs More “Press”

The fact that the way we as a nation appropriates money is as much a problem with the debt crises as the unwillingness of elected officials to cut spending. Automatic built-in increases to the budget is the reason why the left can make the claim that a simple freeze in the rate of growth in spending amounts to a budget cut. Huh? That almost defies physics.

In 2009, the the total budget was 3.7 trillion causing a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit. We haven’t had a static budget (without built in increases) using the appropriations process since the early 1970’s. Conservative candidates in 2016 need to hammer this point home as often as they can.


Pat Barrett


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Nov 29

Charging Racism Of Critics Has To Stop Now.

  If Democrats thought Ambassador Rice could spend several days making an abject fool of herself on television giving an unbelievable response to the Benghazi debacle, and not face scrutiny, they would once again be in the weeds. This has to stop sooner rather then later in my opinion or we risk a great deal. The progress made in this county with regards to minority advancement is something to be proud of. The laws passed to prevent discrimination and promote equal access to opportunity were passed because of the work done by the minority party in congress, the Republicans. Equal access for all is a very conservative principle, understanding that no race or gender is inherently inferior, that giving all Americans an equal chance by opening doors and keeping them open. A society that would institutionalize discriminatory practices could not last, and when women and minorities advanced in America, many conservatives were very proud. They understood that every person has the ability to thrive with our great free market system we have, the best on the planet. If not, then people on the left were right. Women and minorities are disadvantaged based on heredity. In that case go ahead and create a dependent class, we can all chip in and give it our conservative stamp of approval.

Susan Rice

  My point is you can’t have it both ways. All of us want our children, sons, daughters, black or white to have a chance at achieving heights we couldn’t have imagined a generation ago. We elected a black president, a great moment for sure, race was no longer an issue. Until people objected to his progressive policies. If you appose his policies, you are racist. If you question how he handled the Libya Embassy attack, you may be using racially coded language and you should be ashamed. Some asked was it deception, the reason for sending Ambassador Rice out to spread administration propaganda or gross incompetence?  That was met with  the charge of both racism and sexism by those defending the indefensible.
  So, if you cannot criticize an elected or appointed official, then maybe they shouldn’t hold that position. Yep, no more women or minorities holding important positions anywhere. Ceo’s, judges, all elected officials should now all be white men. After all, nobody had a problem berating President Bush, hell he was a rich white guy, no form of torture was too good for that man. I long for the good old days when you could hang our President in effigy  and still remain in the boundaries of political correctness.  What are we telling our children? If you are lucky enough to be born a girl or a minority, when you make it to the promise land, they can never fire you, just call Jessie Jackson. Hell why even study, they will promote you based on your ethnicity, not merit. This is one reason why conservatives hate affirmative action, we need to have the very best rise to the top, and this system prevents that from happening. If I were a successful individual that happen to be in a minority class, and I got to where I am by my own merits, I would be outraged at what is happening . And hopefully I might speak out.

Nov 28

The American Electorate…..Are We As Dumb As We Look?

 Well on the surface you would have to come to that conclusion. How many American voters could possibly be oblivious to the rampant spending in Washington, a horrible economy, and a shaky at best foreign policy? We were told polls said that Romney was the clear choice to captain us through the choppy waters we now find our ship in. If you were to ask Republicans, we have already run aground.

   The way I see the electorate this election cycle is as follows. Three camps, conservatives, and conservative lights. Republicans and confused Democrats. Many of us believe in lower taxes for all, cutting wasteful spending, and a strong defense. The Democrats, the camp that is the most divers in their backgrounds. In this camp, we have the staunchest of liberals, anarchists, Marxists, ecoterrorists, union thugs, soccer moms, and many minorities. Although their number do not overwhelm conservatives, they  are predominant in the print, and television media putting a heavy thumb on the scale.
  The so called swing voters, don’t really have a camp, that would be too rigid, not militant in their views, they tend to mill around offering little in the way of opinion. These fair minded people have difficulty making clear choices. You may have seen these people on television, a week before the election still undecided. Their lives  driven by emotion, always seeing positive, or some negative, with both sides of every issue. Swing voters can be easily swayed, in the same poll, they may say overwhelmingly that spending in Washington is the number one problem, then when asked if congress should propose spending cuts, they say no. But do not distress, ask them again in a month and you may get another answer. They will tell you they did their research, being fair minded, meaning you got your information from Fox News. I once had an argument with a swing voter, the subject, Israel’s security. It was like playing whack-a-mole. I would hammer home a point and they would pop up with a totally different point, never conceding defeat.
  The numbers of swing voters, in key swing states was enough to re-elect a staggering president. If you couldn’t see a discernible difference in the two candidates you weren’t paying attention. The choice couldn’t have been clearer. I had one Obama voter tell me one reason they voted for the president was that Romney and The President agreed on so many issues. Oh Really?

Nov 16

Unemployment To Rise?

   Finally, the election is over. The nation has spoken, the progressive agenda now has the stamp of approval by at least 50 percent of Americans, or so we are being told. Now Republicans, the time has come for you to shut up and get the hell out of Obama’s way. Everyone know the President has submitted a plan to congress that would create millions of jobs, putting us on the road to a balanced budget, all the while saving Medicare and social security. The last year and a half, Obama has told anyone who would listen that his plan would have worked if it wasn’t blocked by the House Republicans, the same budget that didn’t receive a single vote from Democrats either. I am afraid the only people that don’t believe that are the new 47% “the people who voted for Romney”.

    One day after the election, hundreds of businesses large and small announced countless layoffs. Those evil corporations were called unpatriotic by liberal pundits. Why did they wait till after the election to announce these layoffs, if they wanted to hurt the president they should have done it before the election I was told by a really smart talking head? Well you don’t have to have a Harvard business degree to answer that question. With an unpopular president presiding over a failed economy,  and a candidate with a serious plan to curb spending, lessen the regulations killing business there was a sense of hope. Well now nothing has changed, the same problems exist with zero chance of being resolved.
       Well, where to now? I heard Dana Perino of Fox News and former Bush administration spokesperson say of the looming fiscal cliff that businesses will have economic uncertainty removed if the congress and President get together on a “balance approach” to the budget. Well I couldn’t disagree more, the uncertainty has been completely removed. Most business owners are sure that taxes will be higher, energy costs will increase, and now Obama Care is now the law of the land. Nothing that comes out of the next grand bargain will help the economy grow, thus making the prospect in the near future for job growth an economic physics improbability.
Story by
Pat Barrett

Nov 16

Dems Play Shell Game With Cliff

    Let me get a grip on this truly warped situation our brave leaders have gotten us into. We are in fact spending 1 trillion dollars more then we take in to the federal coffers. When the Democrat lead congress passed two stimulus bills and what is know as the Omnibus spending bill, $410 Billion and 1000 pages added to the baseline budget to be spent every year. Is it any wonder why this group of mad spenders don’t want any discussion of a budget? Add the affordable care act to future budgets and you get a very grim picture of our fiscal house. Money we don’t have going to keep union employees employed, corporate crones from the green energy crowd, and to an every growing non producing sector now referred to as the middle class.
     I do remember the president going on television the day after he and his party passed the Omnibus bill, decrying the rampant spending practices coming from the Republicans in congress. Huh? Did I just hear him right? Fast forward 4 years, the mantra continues, the wealthiest among us should pay a little more. To what end I ask? With a trillion dollar budget gap, and a 16 trillion dollar debt on the tally clock and growing, how can raising taxes help the problem? Oh, and have you heard a single Democrat tell you what they would be willing to cut? Wealth redistribution has been going on with the tax code for a while now, this is stage two. Our system has become an upside pyramid, with the producers forming the point at the bottom.  This should collapse soon.
     The real problem is our growth rate hovering below 2 %, if we get above 4% to 6% we may have a recovery, but not by raising taxes, sorry, doesn’t work that way. You raise taxes now with Obama Care coming down on business owners heads, those empty buildings you see downtown and in strip malls, will become soup kitchens.