Nov 16

Dems Play Shell Game With Cliff

    Let me get a grip on this truly warped situation our brave leaders have gotten us into. We are in fact spending 1 trillion dollars more then we take in to the federal coffers. When the Democrat lead congress passed two stimulus bills and what is know as the Omnibus spending bill, $410 Billion and 1000 pages added to the baseline budget to be spent every year. Is it any wonder why this group of mad spenders don’t want any discussion of a budget? Add the affordable care act to future budgets and you get a very grim picture of our fiscal house. Money we don’t have going to keep union employees employed, corporate crones from the green energy crowd, and to an every growing non producing sector now referred to as the middle class.
     I do remember the president going on television the day after he and his party passed the Omnibus bill, decrying the rampant spending practices coming from the Republicans in congress. Huh? Did I just hear him right? Fast forward 4 years, the mantra continues, the wealthiest among us should pay a little more. To what end I ask? With a trillion dollar budget gap, and a 16 trillion dollar debt on the tally clock and growing, how can raising taxes help the problem? Oh, and have you heard a single Democrat tell you what they would be willing to cut? Wealth redistribution has been going on with the tax code for a while now, this is stage two. Our system has become an upside pyramid, with the producers forming the point at the bottom.  This should collapse soon.
     The real problem is our growth rate hovering below 2 %, if we get above 4% to 6% we may have a recovery, but not by raising taxes, sorry, doesn’t work that way. You raise taxes now with Obama Care coming down on business owners heads, those empty buildings you see downtown and in strip malls, will become soup kitchens.

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