Jan 27

Obama, The Last Word On The Effects Of Marijuana

photo 420magazine.com

    Well it’s official. The Great Communicator, the man who is an expert on all subject from race relations and income equality to picking basketball tournament brackets has weighed in on the effects of marijuana on the human brain. Well pardon my skepticism, but I can’t remember the last time this president has been right on anything. That …

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Jan 20

Seattle Won Most Hated Team In The NFL


  Seattle hired a coach in Pete Carroll that cheated the entire time he was at USC then left a once proud institution in a burning pile of rubble. Now thats class. Now the team with the best record in the NFL without a single Super Bowl  win to their credit is now the most hated team in …

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Jan 18

Corporations Are People Too.


 Well yeah I know, as told to me by really smart people, corporations are indeed nothing more then a structure used to define a companies formation. But I also know that that structure dictates mainly how the employed corporate officers are to be designated. The word “corporation” derives from corpus, the Latin word for body, or a “body of …

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Jan 10

How Do You Know If You Are A Low Information Voter?

  So who are these people making up the new class of our voting population. I say new class only because these people have been grouped together and given credit for handing this President his recent electoral victory by many in the Conservative media. I think this group of voters includes people from all age …

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Dec 29

I heard The Republican Party Was Near Exticntion

Senator George McGovern

 Yes Republicans were gut punched this last election. The re-election of a failed president, being rejected by half of the electorate can be a bit disheartening. Well I may be able to offer a bit of chin lifting inspiration to conservatives, Republicans or just people that think we are in a permanent downward spiral. With …

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Dec 14

Rob Parker and The KKK Make For A Bizzar Sitcom

    Rob Parker, an ESPN contributor made news Thursday challenging Robert Griffin III and his “blackness” asking the very important question, is he a “Cornball Brother” ? Parker went on to suggest Griffin may not be the kind of black guy you might want to hang out with. He heard he might be a Republican …

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Dec 13

Conservative Governors May Be Our Savior

    I am amazed at what I see as an amazing paradox forming this countries political landscape. On one hand, you have governors from not so conservative states signing legislation that would help balance their budgets and stop the mass exodus of business leaving their states for much more fertile ground. Scott Walker in Wisconsin …

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Nov 29

Charging Racism Of Critics Has To Stop Now.

Ambassador To The U.N Susan Rice

  If Democrats thought Ambassador Rice could spend several days making an abject fool of herself on television giving an unbelievable response to the Benghazi debacle, and not face scrutiny, they would once again be in the weeds. This has to stop sooner rather then later in my opinion or we risk a great deal. The progress made …

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The American Electorate…..Are We As Dumb As We Look?

 Well on the surface you would have to come to that conclusion. How many American voters could possibly be oblivious to the rampant spending in Washington, a horrible economy, and a shaky at best foreign policy? We were told polls said that Romney was the clear choice to captain us through the choppy waters we now find our ship in. If you were to ask Republicans, we have already run aground.

   The way I see the electorate this election cycle is as follows. Three camps, conservatives, and conservative lights. Republicans and confused Democrats. Many of us believe in lower taxes for all, cutting wasteful spending, and a strong defense. The Democrats, the camp that is the most divers in their backgrounds. In this camp, we have the staunchest of liberals, anarchists, Marxists, ecoterrorists, union thugs, soccer moms, and many minorities. Although their number do not overwhelm conservatives, they  are predominant in the print, and television media putting a heavy thumb on the scale.
  The so called swing voters, don’t really have a camp, that would be too rigid, not militant in their views, they tend to mill around offering little in the way of opinion. These fair minded people have difficulty making clear choices. You may have seen these people on television, a week before the election still undecided. Their lives  driven by emotion, always seeing positive, or some negative, with both sides of every issue. Swing voters can be easily swayed, in the same poll, they may say overwhelmingly that spending in Washington is the number one problem, then when asked if congress should propose spending cuts, they say no. But do not distress, ask them again in a month and you may get another answer. They will tell you they did their research, being fair minded, meaning you got your information from Fox News. I once had an argument with a swing voter, the subject, Israel’s security. It was like playing whack-a-mole. I would hammer home a point and they would pop up with a totally different point, never conceding defeat.
  The numbers of swing voters, in key swing states was enough to re-elect a staggering president. If you couldn’t see a discernible difference in the two candidates you weren’t paying attention. The choice couldn’t have been clearer. I had one Obama voter tell me one reason they voted for the president was that Romney and The President agreed on so many issues. Oh Really?

Nov 16

Unemployment To Rise?

   Finally, the election is over. The nation has spoken, the progressive agenda now has the stamp of approval by at least 50 percent of Americans, or so we are being told. Now Republicans, the time has come for you to shut up and get the hell out of Obama’s way. Everyone know the President …

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